Client Testimonials

Joanne (Bath City UK)
Just to let you know that after the food allergy testing that you did for me, where we found that I had a possible allergy to wheat and gluten.
That this lead to further investigation which resulted in the diagnosis of coeliac disease.

Since cutting all wheat and gluten out of my diet, I have lost two stones in weight and feel really well. I had suffered for at least the last 10 years with bloating and tiredness, along with my weight increasing which caused many problems and was really distressing.

The test that you did clearly gave me the answers that I was looking for and I could not get this through my GP.

I cannot thank you enough and I would highly recommend you to anyone I know.

Olivia (London, UK)
Just wanted to write and thank you. Since our appointment in May, where you diagnosed a yeast intolerance, I feel loads better - the bloating and nausea has stopped completely.
I am managing to resist wine and sugar, my two loves and have even lost half a stone. I look forward to a second appointment in September when my three months has finished. A work colleague of mine, is seeing you this weekend so I hope she sees the results that I have had.

Helen.A (Bath City, UK)
Since seeing Donna 2.5 weeks ago I feel fantastic, although the initial shock of being told not to drink wine or beer or eat any of my favourite foods I was determined to take on board the advice from Donna. I have suffered with IBS for 7 years and for the past 6 months have suffered pain every day. Not now, I have listened to all the advice and taking Neem and Probiotics every day and have started to exercise and really enjoy the energy I have now and especially sleeping through the night. As with many other people I kept going to the doctors and no help was being given and felt as if I was wasting their time. I have managed to lose 9Ibs in 2.5 weeks and now looking forward to losing more weight and feeling fitter and healthier. A big thank you to Donna for her advice and friendliness during the consultation, I wish I had known about this 7 years ago.

Mr Munford (Trowbridge, UK)
Great results from following the wheat-free diet, I have had a complete cessation of my symptoms. Thanks for your help in this!

Mrs Cheung (Bath City)
I am taking the minerals you suggested once a day and staying away from Gluten and tomato products. I've also started using the Raw Gaia clay mask and am suprised, I don't get any allergic reactions since using it. Thanks for that tip.

Mr Mabey (Bath, UK)
Comment: Excellent and informative session. I had been suffering for some time with a rash as well as periods of tiredness throughout the day.If only I'd had an Allergy Test sooner I would have known I was intolerant to Yeast and Wheat. No more white bread for me and a lifestyle food revamp, I am living a much better life without that rubbish in my diet! Your advice regarding the root causes of my long term suffering with Candida has brought about more of an improvement in my condition, than all of the many trips to my GP have in the years I have been going to him for preventative creams...I am hopeful full remission is on the cards, watch this space.

Ms James (Bristol, UK)
Comment: Thankyou for my consultation in Bristol. I had constant migraines and felt light headed and fatigued much of the time, especially around lunchtimes. Having the Allergy Test uncovered the root cause of the problem. I would never have guessed that not only were my blood sugar levels out of balance, but I was also a Celiac!! Since looking out for foods containing no Wheat or Gluten and cutting out on foods containing raw cane sugar, the results have been unpresidented. Thankyou so much.

Mr Cardoso (Bath CIty, UK)
Comment: I recently had a food allergy test with Donna Brown in Bath, and it has revealed 3 potential allergies for me: sugar, orange and yogurt. Having eliminated these 3 foods I just noticed today a big improvement already in the eczema I have in my face with no other additional treatment. I am now hopeful that my condition will completely clear. Many Thanks!

Adrian (Bath CIty, UK)
Comment: The test went really well. I have since my consultation, changed my vitamin intake and have noticed a difference in the level of my wellbeing. I never thought it would be after having an electronic probe rubbed over my index finger. Well done and keep up the good work.

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